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Ukraine and Russia – Caught Between Conventional and Cold War?

At present, when they discuss the Russo-Ukrainian confrontation, they talk about not as much the course of the war itself,

Sultan Akimbekov Sultan Akimbekov 25.08.2023

Broken Roads, Dirt and Construction Sites – Things that Hearten Governors (Ratings of Akims)

Kazakh segment of cyberspace threatens to unleash prosecutors on province administrators and blames them for lack of initiative, buzzwording and

Mukhtar Abayev Mukhtar Abayev 22.05.2023

Big Cities Nurture Juvenile Delinquents

In the first half of 2023, Almaty, Astana, and Shymkent have emerged as leaders both in terms of the number

Alexandra Alyohova Alexandra Alyohova 15.09.2023